Hi! My name is Kayvon Ghaffari and I manage software development projects.

Sometimes that makes me a Project Manager, other times that makes me a Program Manager. It’s not uncommon that I’m called a Scrum Master. And this one time, my title was Director of Delivery. I’ve found that labels don’t really matter compared to getting the job done.

Project management doesn’t have to be a necessary evil or unavoidable overhead. A good PM–and I’m still talking about me, here–is a force multiplier for the team and the business. I don’t believe in sweating the little things and I take great pleasure in methodically breaking the big stuff into little things. I practice and preach the Agile Manifesto–but if you don’t, I’m totally flexible on that. I synthesize contradictory concoctions of calm and urgency in hilarious and productive ways.

Plus, I live like a block away from Top Pot Doughnuts and I’m not afraid to use them.

Drop me a line at kayvon.ghaffari@gmail.com.

– k

Seattle, WA